Monday, March 12, 2012

Layout: My Mom

My Mom is visiting for a couple of weeks and she has been so amazing, patient, understanding and supportive while I was struggling throught this maize of confusion and editing and changing things backwards and know..that thing called "Starting your own blog and having no clue what you're doing". She brought me endless cups of tea and coffee and therefor this post is dedicated to my wonderful mother whom I love very dearly.


  1. woo hoo! Love the design!
    and so happy to "know" you!
    welcome to blogger-world!

    1. Thanks Evgenia...this is so much fun!!!!!! The bug has definitely bitten me..LOL!!

  2. Cathy - I just love the pinwheel, lace flowers & that sweet pic of your mom. Beautifully designed. Have to run. Will check here again after I get home from vacation. Have a great week. Fran