Monday, September 24, 2012


Hello again friends :) I  got a bee in my bonnet and thought I would make a little hat for Miss Molly. I just love this picture :) Doesn't she just look like a little granny?? Anyways, it was such a struggle to get a decent photo because she kept shaking her head to get the hat off and only when I realized the ribbon was tickling her ears and subsequently adjusted it, she was quite happy to pose for the picture :) Special mention: The flourish is from Flourish With A Bling and I used the FWAB Grace Pearl Flourish Pearl.I also made this layout for a Guest Post at Ideas for Scrapbookers which is a treasure chest of ideas and inspiration for every scrapbooker. Thank you very much for the honour Pam :)

String art Tutorial:

So many of my friends have asked me how to do the string art in the top right corner of this layout and here it is finally:

To start with, decide where you would like to position the string art. Draw two light pencil lines as per the illustration directly on to your paper.
Make tiny little holes 1cm apart on each line
If you’re doing this for the first time, it helps to number the holes as per the illustration to eliminate confusion.
Thread your needle with the required colour thread (I usually use embroidery thread) and insert your needle into the  back of hole number 12 on the vertical line.
Bring the needle to the front and thread a few beads (3 or 4 will do fine) and then insert needle into hole number 1 on the horizontal line.
Then insert needle from the back into hole number 2 on the horizontal line, bring it to the front, thread another few beads and insert needle into hole number 11 on the vertical line.
Insert needle from the back into hole number 10 on the vertical line, thread beads and insert needle into hole number 3 on the horizontal line.
Insert needle from the back into hole number 4 on the horizontal line, thread beads and insert needle into hole number 9 on the vertical line.
And then you continue in the same pattern: No.8 vertical to number 5 horizontal, number 6 horizontal to 7 vertical,  6 vertical to 7 horizontal, 8 horizontal to 5 vertical, 4 vertical to 9 horizontal, 10 horizontal to 3 vertical, 2 vertical to 11 horizontal, 12 horizontal to 1 vertical. Fasten your thread with tape to the back of the work.
Don’t forget to thread a few beads as you go along.  Once you have completed the string work, you can then adjust the positioning of the beads as and how you would like them to be as they are loose on the thread and can be moved.

Have fun and enjoy!!


  1. She does look like a little granny! hehehehe. This is nothing short of beautiful!!!! Love the design and colors and of coarse your model!!!

  2. Love the design featuring Molly. Love the details and colors you used. Beautiful. Hugs Mary

  3. Cathy my friend, you are so so talented. I love your pages and I am a HUGE fan of yours. Thank you so so much for sharing your pages with us. I just love each and everyone of them