Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Altered cd - Tutorial (Flourish With A Bling)

Hi everyone! Well, it is my turn to do a tutorial over at Flourish With A Bling and so I decided to try my hand at altering a cd and this one is for my dear Mother. So without further ado let's take it step by step.
Materials required:

QuicKutz Cutting Dies Nesting Doily Circles (L-CC-001)
Some scrap pieces of patterned paper
White cardstock
2 x compact discs
Walnut stain dsitress ink or brown chalk
Five little tassles
Modge Podge
Paint Brush
Thin nail

Step 1.

Place both compact discs on to your patterned paper and trace a circle around both.
Cut out the circles and ink the edges. Put these circles aside.
Use the sandpaper and roughly sand both sides of both discs. Be careful not to inhale the dusty residue.
Wipe the discs clean and get rid of any dusty residue.
Step 2.

Use a paintbrush and apply an even layer of  Modge Podge to both the one side of the disc and the back of your patterned paper.
Adhere the circle to the disc and use a brayer to even it out nicely. Do not worry about the centre circle of the cd showing because you are going to cover it up with subsequent layers op paper. If I was smart enough I would have used the other side of the disc which doesn't have the protruding centre!! Note to self for next time!!
Repeat this step on the second disc.
Step 3.

Take one of the compact discs and make five little marks approx 1cm apart at the bottom of your cd with a pencil. (Follow the curve of the circle)
Step 4. 

Place your cd on a piece of wood or something, take the nail, hold it with a pair of pliers, and heat the nail over an open flame. 
Step 5.

As soon as the nail is red-hot, place it on the first hole and press down firmly. The heated nail will burn a neat little hole through the paper and the cd.
Make four more little holes in the same manner. I’m tempted to say “Do not try this at home!” If the nail did not go right through the cd, just heat it up again and repeat the process.
See, five neat little holes! Sometimes the edges of the holes are a bit rough due to the melted plastic of the cd but I just use a wire cutter and clip the rough edges off neatly and then sand them very lightly.
Step 6.

Now thread your tassles through the holes from front to back
Step 7.


Use the largest and second largest of the nesting dies and cut one doily of each size from your plain white cardstock using your Cuttlebug. Plate A, Plate C, Nesting die facing cutting edge up, cardstock, Plate B.

Step 8.

Apply Modge Podge to the back of the cd and adhere your largest doily to the cd making sure your frilly pattern is nice and even around the outside of the circle.

Apply Modge Podge to the back of the smaller white doily and adhere to the centre of the front of the cd. Avoid Modge Podge on the frilly part of the doily
Step 9.

Gather your strip of lace and adhere to the back of the cd.
Step 10.

Using another piece of patterned paper, draw a circle 9.5cm in diameter and cut it out and ink the edges and distress lightly. You can also do some faux-stitching around the edges of the circle.

You can now use a rub-on for the sentiment or you could print a sentiment on your paper before you cut it out. Adhere this circle to the centre of the doily.
Step 11.

Now adhere the second cd to the back of your project by applying some Modge-Podge to the shiny side of the cd and adhere to the back making sure it is centred properly. This holds your lace firmly in place and gives a lovely, neat finished look to the back of the project.
Step 12.

Burn another hole at the top of the cd using the same method previously described except this time use a thicker nail which will burn a hole through all your paper layers and both cds. You will want to make this hole slightly larger so you can thread some ribbon or binding through the hole which will then be used to hang your project against the wall.
Step 13.
Embellish to your heart's content and use lots of lovely FWAB bling!! I used some gorgeous FWAB Adhesive Pearls 100 Pack Copper and I attached them with some Glossy Accents.
                                                  FWAB Adhesive Pearls 100 Pack Copper

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Flourish with a Bling… Putting the Bling into Scrapbooking! :) 

Isn't this just awesome??? Well, on that note I am going to love and leave you for now. I hope you like my tutorial and if there is anything that is not clear enough, please don't hesitate to contact me using my facebook or e-mail address which you will find at the top of my blog!! Bye for now!!xxx


  1. Gorgeous gift of love for your mother. You are very good with should be a teacher.

  2. Gorgeous gift for your Mom Cathy! Love very soft and delicate! Juuust beautiful!

  3. Wow! Can't believe this started as a CD. You do such beautiful work, Cathy. Love this. Great tutorial and what a sweet gift for your mom.

  4. First of all ~ hello from far away! I found your blog while looking for fun things to do with CDs ~ this is gorgeous!!
    I love dogs, too ~ but we only have 3.

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