Sunday, December 23, 2012

Snow Not Fun

Hi there my friends :) Ok, so I had time for just ONE more layout before this year runs out on me. This is my entry for case #50 over at CSI and here is the case file.
Menorah - medium cocoa brown, taken from the menorah
Taupe Tradition - light taupe, taken from the placemats - 237.229.218
Light the Candles - white, taken from the windows - 255.255.255
Blue Dreidel -light grayish blue, taken from the highlights of the ribbon - 193.205.219
Eighth Night - dark grayish blue, taken from the darkest part of the ribbon - 99.117.129
  • ribbon
  • wood
  • fabric
  • something that melts, like wax or embossing powder
  • stitching
  • stripes
  • something transparent or made of glass
  • string (inspired by wicks)
  • something metal
  • something shimmery/shiny
Here I used six elements . I used ribbon to make the little blue rose, I also tied ribbon to the tags as well as a strip of ribbon above the title. I used a wooden button and stuck a raffia bow onto it. The bird house is also a wood chippie which I painted. I stitched around the border of the page. I used stripes on the "fun" banner. I used bits of string on the tags and the pearls represents something shimmery.shiny.
  • Document a holiday tradition.
  • List 8 important things about your topic.
  • Tie a ribbon around your journaling.
  • Use these Hanukkah writing prompts, or adapt them to meet your own traditions.
  • Use stripes in patterned paper to use for your journaling.
  • Inspiration Words: tradition, miracle, light--use these as inspiration for your journaling, not just as a title about your topic.
Here I opted to list 8 important things about my topic which is written on a tag and tucked behind the photo.
Dring the month of August 2012 South Africa experienced widespread snowfall across the country. It snowed in places that has never seen snow before and for us South Africans it is a major event and school children and office workers took to the playgrounds and streets to witness the heaviest snowfalls since 1981. I live on the coast and therefor we never ever see snow but people drove hundreds of miles to witness the snow and one weekend we decided to take a trip up to the Midlands to go and see the snow and I really thought that Miss Molly in particular would enjoy it very much as she has such a dense coat and therefor she's always hot. At home she loves the airconditioning and is always lying flat on her tummy on the cool tiles. Well, I was so wrong!! She hated it. When I got out of the car she was not going to stay behind but she quickly regretted it and looked positively miserable after five minutes of being out in the snow. Now, if I know my baby as well as I think I do, then I can only guess that these are the reasons she didn't like it and that this is what was going through her mind.
1. It doesn't taste like chicken
2. It burns my delicate pink butt when she sits down.
3. I don't like to blend in with my surroundings...being the princess in the house I like to "stand out".
4. It makes my feet wet..I hate it when my feet are wet.
5. My legs are too short to jump over the drifts.
6. Sometimes the snow is higher than me and I can't see my mom.
7. Slipping and sliding is a very undignified way of getting around.
8. My fluffy tail which is my pride and joy hangs behind me like a wet rag.

Thank you Debbi and the CSI team for the inspiration and another awesome case file :)


  1. oh, Miss Molly always shines in your layouts! love this one! Merry Christmas!

  2. This is so very cute, I love the photo and the colours you've used, they work so well with the photo.

  3. Your fur baby is a wonderful model;-) Your layout is gorgeous...I love this colour palette.

  4. So glad there was time to fit in just ONE more!!! Love the photo, LO but most of all you story! Well done my friend....

  5. Such a darling LO!! What a great take on the challenge!! ~ Blessings, Tracey

  6. Totally adored your page when I first saw it over at CSI!! Oh my oh my what a cute fur baby she is your Molly, could smack a kiss on that adorable little face of hers! love love love the accordion blooms and snowflakes. One smashing page! xoxo